Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors open upwards vertically and are then suspended under the ceiling saving space. Due to this, you are able to make full use of your garage space both inside behind the closed door and in front of the door.

These highly insulated sectional garage doors can be fitted behind the brickwork opening.

Long-Term Protection

Resistant to water-logging, insulated sectional garage doors have a 4cm plastic frame shoe offering long term protection from corrosion. By covering the area that is most susceptible to rust, the plastic shoe and bottom seal on the door make an edge that is visually appealing.

Thermal Insulation

When the home and the garage are directly connected, a well insulated garage door is essential. The LPU sectional doors now come with a frame creating a thermal break between the door and the brickwork. This improves the already high grade insulation by up to 15%.

High Security

Our sectional garage doors have an anti-lift kit that engages automatically when closed. This helps to prevent uninvited guests from forcing the door open. As this is a mechanical feature, it even works in a power failure.

Materials & Design…

Sectional doors are avalible in a variety of different materials, styles, colours and finishes. You can get these secure, insulated panel doors in GRP, Timber or Galvanized Steel.

Indicated in the image, the styles available include the S-ribbed, M-ribbed, L-ribbed and Panelled design.

Download our PDF to help you choose a style of Sectional Door »

There are a number of standard colour options for each of the three main surface finishes. They are all equally-priced.

You have chosen your garage door style, your material and your colour. It is now time to add some finishing touches in the shape of optional extras.


Garage Door Handles

You can choose from a wide variety of handles in a multitude of designs and colours adding some extra flare to your door design.


Electric Operators

Automation can be added to your insulated sectional door meaning your door will rise at the touch of a button. Find out more details about our Garage Door Automation.


Let some light into your garage with our huge range of glazing options. Each of our window designs can be added to your chosen door style.

Wicket Door

If you want easy access to your garage without having to fully lift the door, you could add a Wicket door. This allows you to open your garage without everybody being able to see inside, increasing privacy.

Key Benefits of Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

Some of the advantages of an Insulated Sectional Garage Door include;

  • Matching frames and door leaves
  • High security
  • High insulation rating
  • Long lasting construction
  • Electric automation

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