Roller Garage Doors

A roller door automatically ‘rolls’ up into a small space above the inside of the garage opening. The door is made up of double skinned aluminium in individual slats which are foam filled for insulation and strength.

Roller doors require very little maintenance as they come fully finished in various colours with no need to paint them.

Ultimate Roller Door

The Ultimate Roller Door system is a 77mm slat which will fit into a 300mm (12 inches) area.

Compact Roller Door

The Compact Roller Door system is a 54mm slat which will fit into a 205mm (8 inches) area.

High Security…

The automatic locking system ensures that the door is secure when fully lowered. The added feature of an independant alarm will put your mind at rest.


As well as a handheld remote control for your garage door, you could also have a Wireless Pin number Keypad to allow entry to your garage.

Manual Override…

An internal manual override is fitted as standard for the event of a power failure. An external override can be added as an option for when you have no other access to your garage.

Safety Edge…

All of our roller doors come with a safety edge as standard. This means that if the door meets an obstruction during operation, it will stop and raise by about 30cm allowing space for the object to be removed. This prevents damage to the object that is in the way, such as your car or a person.

Storage Space…

The innovative design of a roller garage door means that no space is required for runners along the inside of your garage. As this door rolls up above the opening it is not suspended under the ceiling allowing you to make full use of the height of your garage. This is perfect for storing large vehicles or using overhead storage.

Materials & Design…

Roller Garage Doors are made from Aluminum. The individual slats are filled with foam for insulation.

Our roller doors look stylish and modern and come in various colours as standard. We also have a woodgrain option to match light oak and rosewood UPVC windows.

This allows your door to stand out from the rest without looking out of place in your neighbourhood.

You have chosen your garage door style, your material and your colour. It is now time to add some finishing touches in the shape of optional extras.


Vision Slats

Add a clear synthetic pane window with black glazing frame on the exterior and transparent on the interior.


Ventilation Grilles

Add a black, plastic ventilation panel to the door providing air flow when closed.

Key Benefits of Roller Garage Doors

Some of the advantages of an Roller Style Garage Door include;

  • Matching frames and door leaves
  • High security
  • Long lasting construction
  • Electric automation as standard
  • Variety of colour options

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